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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Platform

IVR Platform

InnSoft's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Platform enables you to offer Voice Telephony Audiotex services, including both live and recorded interactive voice services, to the consumer and business markets. By using our platform you can receive more than 500 calls at once also its networking and integration capabilities (CRM, Messaging platform...) render the system's flexibility and reliability limitless.

About Project

VAS Development Team
20 October 2012
VAS, IVR, Voice Messaging
Platform Features

  • Provides information 24 by 7, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Accepts input and commands from any touch tone phone.
  • Looks up information in a database and speaks back answers.
  • ODBC compliant.
  • Supports Fax-On-Demand and plays pre-recorded responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Fully scalable and can be custom-fit to suit your requirement, budget and environment.
  • Reduces call waiting time and cost of handling and improves the overall customer experience.
  • Enhances productivity by extending business operating hours.

Target Industries

  • Taxi Industry - ticket booking, schedules, booking information, booking history,
  • Hospital Industry - Enrollment of patinets, Patient dairy maintenance, dispensing and allotment of medications, inventory & logistic Management, Automated call-out reminder system and task schedulers.
  • Contact Center - promoations, automated dialing, call routing.
  • Mobile — Pay-As-You-Go account funding; registration; mobile purchases, such as ring tones and logos.
  • Banking — balance, payments, transfers, transaction history.
  • Retail & Entertainment — orders, bookings, credit & debit card payments.
  • Utilities — meter readings; account look-up, history and balance, payment, consumption history.
  • Travel — ticket booking, flight information, check-in Weather forecasts, water, road and ice conditions.

Proposed Solutions

  • Customer Complaint Handling System.
  • Information Sharing System.
  • Auto attend & Call transfer System.
  • Auto Answering System with Caller’s Voice Recording.
  • Automated Order Booking System for Pizza shops, Hotels, Gas Agencies, etc.,
  • Status information System.
  • Message broadcasting System.
  • Call Dialed out system (OutBound) to the Customer from a Pre-defined Database.

Platform Scope

  • School Applications.
  • Enrollment by Phone.
  • Inventory look Ups.
  • Phone Banking.
  • Question & Answer.
  • Talking Classified Ads.
  • Order Taking & Status.
  • Billing and Payment Inquiries.
  • Claim Status Reporting.
  • Membership Renewal.
  • Prepaid Services.


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