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Voice Chat Platform

Voice Chat Platform

InnSoft's Voice-based chat community Platform which connect users sharing similar interests. InnSoft's Voice-based Chat Community Platform is a safe and moderated Voice Chat service for over 18s which allows users to swap voices with each other using their mobiles and smart phones. People use the service for chat and – if they hit it off really well – for dating. Voice Chat is engaging, addictive and, until users want to exchange contact numbers, it’s anonymous and therefore the best way to chat to lots of new people safely from a mobile.

About Project

VAS & Core Java Development Team
1 December 2011
VAS, IVR, SMS, Text Messaging, Voice Messaging
All You Have To Do

  • Become a partner.
  • Add your branding & advertising.
  • Earn revenue.

Fully Managed

  • Membership database
  • Premium rate billing
  • Payment processing
  • Customer support and much more


  • Low cost per acquisition
  • High revenue per acquisition
  • we share up to 60% of revenue generated


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